Top 10 Sci-Fi Authors

One of the things that makes science fiction popular than others genres is the fact that it means different things to different or many people. Sci-Fi is difficult to define and easy to love and this makes it so wonderful. Here is a list of top 10 Sci-Fi authors who have had a great and lasting influence in the science genre.Top 10 Sci-Fi Authors

H.G Wells

H.G Wells is the best and most influential author of science fiction ever. His books are still read today and loved by many. His book “The Time Machine” is considered by many to be the best Sci-Fi book ever written. Also, such books as “The Invisible Man” and “The War of the Worlds” are loved too. Even after a century since this books were written, they are still fresh and strong enough to come up with an Hollywood films.

Jules Verne

Jules writings made him the pioneer of Sci-Fi and one of the finest authors. He published his first Sci-Fi novels around a time when Wells was born . Some of his classics that changed the fictional literature and gave birth to what is known as Sci-Fi genre are “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Around the World in 80 Days”. Jules wrote incredibly detailed stories about submarines and space travel before such travels became practical. He laid a foundation for Sci-Fi authors ever.

Isaac Asimov

Isaac is the most prolific author of Sci-Fi genres in history. He is also the most famous of “The Big Three of Science Fiction”. Isaac published and edited over 500 books and an estimated 90000 plus postcards and letters. He has published both fiction and non-fiction books and thus known as science and science fiction author whose Robot and Foundation series have laid a groundwork for modern science fiction and is still read widely today.

Arthur C Clarke

Like Isaac Asimov, Arthur is considered one of “The Big Three of Science Fiction”. His Space Odyssey series “2001: A Space Odyssey” has become one of the influential Sci-Fi novel ever written. It was also a wildly movie that helped bring the genre into mainstream. Arthur us also known for his short stories and encouragement to the young upcoming science fiction writers.

Frank HerbertTop 10 Sci-Fi Authors

Frank Herbert is known for writing the “Dune” series which was later made into mini-series of Sci-Fi by his son. The series took about 1000s of years and it originally consisted of the novel “Dune” and 5 sequels. This series is wide as deals with lots of issues ranging from ecology, evolution, human survival and the intersection of politics, religion and power.

Ray Bradbury

Bradbury is famous for writing his novel “Fahrenheit 451” which is one of the greatest Sci-Fi novel of all time. He wrote a lot of fantasy and Sci-Fi novels and he was one of the most influential author to literally 1000s of future Sci-Fi writers. Some of his other best Sci-Fi novels are: “Dandelion Wine”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and “Martian Chronicles” all of which were amazing work to make an authors career.

William Gibson

Gibson is known to be an extremely popular and most controversial author of Sci-Fi novels. He is known as the father of modern “Cyber Pank” novel. He is also the author of “Neuromancers” and “Jonny Mnemonic” novels which are also influential to fans.

Robert Heinlein

Heinlein is an author who concentrated much on hard Sci-Fi – a science that took its science very seriously. He was an extremely influential author, who according to history, may have been overshadowed by Isaac Asimov, and he was loved by many Sci-Fi fans. He is among “The Big Three of Science Fiction” .

Orson Scott CardTop 10 Sci-Fi Authors

Orson is the author of the most popular Sci-Fi series in history, “The Ender’s Game Sagas”. It rates up with the Dune Series, the most popular and influential series of modern times

Douglas Adams

Adams is one of the popular authors in this list due to the fact that his novel introduced comedic and strange element to the Sci-Fi writing. He is known for his “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Series which is believed to be a ground breaking.

The top 10 Sci-Fi authors above are all among either best authors of genre, most influential authors of genre and also the favorite authors of genre. The writings in one way or the other have great influence on their fans.