Top 10 Horror Authors You Can’t Go Without Reading

If you had to choose only ten authors who gives you the shivers and makes you not want to put down an amazing horror story, which authors would you choose? This is our list of the following top selling top 10 horror authors of all time:

Stephen King

When it comes to characterization, no other horror writer compares to Stephen King. But when you care less about the character, then there’s no horror since there’s no fear regarding the fate of the character.

King is just still getting better, the older he gets. But maybe not scarier. But he’s become much better writer. His “11/22/63” was both heartbreaking and thrilling in equal measure.

Edgar Allen Poe

He creates so much suspense, and it seems he is right there telling you some ancient story which has been passed for generations, but has nevertheless decreased its scariness. Basically, in his short, but frightening stories he does not scare you with the typical ghouls, zombies and ghosts. It’s just that all the ideas behind it are frightening, terribly.

Top 10 Horror Authors

Who makes it on YOUR list of the Top 10 Horror Authors?

H.P Lovecraft

Lovecraft is the author who laid the foundation for science and horror fiction that we know today. Completely he reshaped the game. There’s never going to be a writer like him. He opens and imagines the whole world to us, and there is nothing just like him. Violent, disturbing, scary in so many different ways. He revolutionized the craft and history of sketching horror stories.

Darren Shan

The “Saga of Darren Shan” is among the best horror books. It’s not only scary, but there are several adventures in that you cannot just put it down. It’s an emotional book too. He is an amazing author. His ability in mixing adventure and horror is quite brilliant and each of his books makes you sit on the edge of your seat, wanting more and more.

Clive Barker

This author is more intelligent when compared to Dean Koontz. His works are on par with serious literature. Koontz has a major appeal to his works, and possibly makes more money. However, Clive is at another level. He’s still the future of the horror. His works are just so good. That’s the reason why he’s still ahead of his time. The “books of blood” are quite awesome.

Shaun Hutson

Simply an amazing horror writer and deserving his place among the top 10 horror list of writers. He’s one of the most famous horror writers in UK. Hutson has written more than thirty novels. The novel Slugs formed the basis of a horror film.

Mary Shelley

In her novels, Mary Shelley re-energized the horror genre worldwide. This was at a critical period so that the effects have been around with us for over 200 years.

Bram Stoker

This is among the greatest horror writers of the 20th Century. Bram Stoker weaved among the greatest horror stories of all time. In so doing, he perhaps invented the most infamous monster, the Dracula! Dracula is legendary since it encouraged many people to write about vampires.

Christopher Pike

Though reasonably unknown, he knows really how to make amazing characters, excellent character development and amazing characters. He’s among the best out there.

R. L. Stine

Goosebumps is among his best books and is among the best horror novelists.

The above are some top 10 horror authors and you just have to read their books and understand why they appear in this list.