The Top 10 Funniest Books Of All Time

It can be quite a daunting task to come across the most funniest books out there especially if you do not know where to start looking. Publishers are notorious for describing a book as funny for the mere fact of coming across a single joke. It’s difficult to make jokes on print compared to making them on film. This is because film includes sight gigs and proper timing to aid the film maker in driving the joke home. That’s why you find that books that are hilarious in all sense of the word become instant bestsellers in an attempt to encourage the author maintain the tempo or even come up with much better masterpieces. People aren’t ready to let go of such hilarious stuff go down the drain. In this article you will come across some of the 10 most funniest books you will ever find that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.Top 10 Funniest Books

There is a slight chance that I might be going to hell

This book was written by Laurie Notaro. This book is the best for those who want to pursue a career in creative writing. This book is quite humorous and gives insight to the reader what to expect if they want to successfully lodge a career into creative humor.

The pro

Garth Ennis wrote this hilarious book about a superhero comic which involves a mom posing as a prostitute who receives superpowers through a dare by a certain alien. It contains of the best jokes that you will ever come across.

John dies at the end

This book by David Wong contains the best joke ever written. In fact if nothing here appeals to your sense of humor then you need to go for a checkup! Written in a sarcastic paranormal style, this horror story this is certainly the best present that can tickle the fancy of the society’s deranged individuals.

Crooked little vein

This story by Allen Ellis is about a detective tale that kicks starts with a hero trying to match his wits with a rat constantly pissing in his cup of coffee. This hero them proceeds to America in pursuit of a constitution lost by Richard Nixon in a whorehouse. The first page will definitely and completely crack your ribs.

Good omens

This book which has been co-authored by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman puts forth some useful theories including one on how albums left in a car transform to the Best of Queen in addition to one on how freeway design culminates into a plot to hell in an attempt to add up frustrations unto the world.

Irene Iddesleigh written by Amanda McKittrick Ros

This book is a must laugh. It’s one of the best literary comedies ever to hit the shelves. The writing style is what is really captivating and funny and this book is a must read.

Things that my girlfriend and I have argued about

Mil Millington really comprehends her stuff. He expertly writes a chronicles of his relationship with his girlfriend. It really gets funny when his girlfriend chases a car of roofers she suspects to have stolen a broom belonging to her. He really panics about this state of affairs.

Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

This book is nothing short of laughs and I would recommend it for those who enjoy hearty laughs.


Jesus is depicted as buddy adventurist. Biff is Christ’s best friend and they take a journey all over orient in such of kung Fu spiritual enlightenment among other things. Christopher Moore has really outdone himself in this one to make sure you get a good hearty laugh.


This book by Richard hooker is definitely a masterpiece. His prowess in language, pranks and absurdism makes it a fulfilling and captivating yet funny read.

This Top 10 Funniest Books list will definitely come in handy when you seek such a collection.