How To Market Your E-Book Low Cost Ways

How To Market Your E-BookNumerous online sites provide information on how to market your E-book effectively. Here are the top 6 ways to help in marketing your e-book in online forums.

1. Build a Strong Presence on Online Platforms

You can start up a blog, host a website or use social media platforms to market your e-book. You should always avoid making use of a single platform in marketing your book. Use two or more platforms. Blog about your book, tell people in Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms like LinkedIn about the development of your e-book and how the content will have direct impact in their lives if the read the book. Build a strong presence in these online platforms.

2. Hook up with Smartphone Mobile Users

Using online platforms can be costly at times. It is therefore recommended that you should use other avenues such as Smartphone users to market your e-book. Use special Twitter handles to send messages to a selected group of mobile phone users as you find new ways of convincing them into buying your book. Catch potential buyers when they are least expecting you by sending them promoted posts on their Smartphone devices providing detailed information about what is contained in your book.

3. Think of Online Platforms as Publicity Engine for Content

Develop a blogging site where you can sellout ideas about your book. Provide details on what is expected in forthcoming editions. Use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to update your followers on the development of your book by coming up with unique and engaging contents. Your content should always function as marketing tools and be able to convert online traffic into customers for your products or services.

4. Build Influential Relationships with Other Authors

Make proper use of your position as an author to engage other stakeholders in the writing fraternity to review your book. Let them tell their cronies and followers about your new book. Always build influential relationships with authors that Google already think highly of and develop the relationship into a marketing tool. Find an author whose image shows next to highly indexed content and create a plan to build relationships with them.

5. Research Popular Contents from Your Writing Competitorsmarket ebook

Come up with engaging ways of knowing who else has written and published similar contents as yours. Engage such authors and convince them of reading your copies. If they are impressed, they can always talk high of you and help in marketing your e-book to their friends and followers on social media and other online platforms. Provide regular updates on your website on the developments and details contained in your book and most importantly attend live book marketing events. Attending live marketing events organized by your local community may help improve on your product reach out. Live events also provide a good platform for networking with new clients.

6. Include an Original Photo in Your E-book Contents

Avoid using similar photos over and over again. Upload fresh photos on online websites that will inject in a new twist on the marketing fate of your e-book. Provide a uniquely engaging atmosphere for your book contents by uploading unique contents.

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