Must-Read Rules On How To Get Into The Erotica Niche

How To Get Into The Erotica Niche When trying to figure out How To Get Into The Erotica Niche there are several rules that are a must. First and foremost, the story you are writing has to be very good. Not just good, but very good. Erotica is probably one of the most heavily populated niche’s in the writing industry and as such your story has to be better than the others in order for your story to be noticed, let alone published. To do this the plot or story line has got to be good and catch the readers attention in the first few paragraphs. I would say something new or different, but doing this, in this niche can be extremely difficult.

Because there are so many erotica niche writers, there are probably not a lot of new ideas. This means that your plot needs to bring something different or unexpected to the reader. It may be a story told several times by different authors, but you need to personalize it and make it special, something that the reader may identify with, or perhaps, details on something the reader may have wanted to try in their real life but never has. Maybe you could make it a how to manual on bondage, or how to get involved in a threesome or any other host of ideas. It does not have to be these ideas, these are just some examples on how you may have your story stand out.

How To Get Into The Erotica Niche Another rule that is important is grammar and punctuation. Nothing will prevent your story from not only getting published, but even prevent it from being read, as poor grammar or punctuation. readers will find that it becomes difficult to read if they have to decipher what you are saying. Erotica is read for enjoyment and nothing can take away the enjoyment of the reader fast than poor writing. If your writing skills are not great, there are programs available online that can help you in this, many are free while others charge a nominal fee. You would probably be smart to try the free ones first, see how it works on your erotica story. There are also many classes that you can sign up for to sharpen your writing skills. They can help with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. They can also help you with proper structure of your sentences and the story as a whole.

Another rule is also basic to writing in any niche. The story has to follow certain rules. Your story needs to have a plot, the characters need to be appealing to the reader. The story also need a build up to the climax and then a conclusion.

Proper editing is also required for the telling of your story. Read it out loud as this helps you to slow down and actually read the words you put down as compared to what you thought you put down.

When writing for the Erotica Niche there is also one other rule that you would do well to remember, and that is you need to know when to ignore some of these rules. Proper grammar and sentence structure you should always follow, but not always do you need a deep plot, or a sharp unexpected conclusion to your story. Your characters do not always have to be better than any other authors, sometimes a reader wants to feel that this erotica can really happen to them as well.