How To Deal With Publishers And Literary Agents

How to Deal With Publishers as a First Time Fiction Writer

How to deal with publishers is one of the major hassles upcoming writers have to go through. Since it is your first book, you have great expectations for it; break even as well as kick start your career as an author. The major hurdle is getting a reputable publishing firm that is willing to take you on board and make your dreams come true. How To Deal With Publishers

Here are some tips that will help you as a beginner and even help you make the best decisions as you advance in your career as an author:

1) Always keep the Rights to Your Books
As a rookie book writer, most probably you know nothing about rights or don’t know how it works in the publishing field. Always keep the rights to your books in case you want to re-print them. This can even save you if your first book-launch attempt flops badly. Re-launching under a new printing firm may give you a worthy comeback but what happens if your first publisher held all the rights to the book? It is your book and baby project, make sure you own it in every contract you sign to avoid problems.

2) Big is not always better!
We all know of those big publishing names that always have readers eager on what they are going to release next. As a first time author you definitely want to be associated with them. With a huge printing firm you will need to sell over thousands of books within a few months (3months mostly) before they can think of renewing your contract. If you cannot get all the books sold within this period, then you become a liability. It is better to start off with small time but reputable printing agencies. Small printing firms won’t give you a crazy sales deadline on day one and their book shelf-life is for as long as you want! It is good to first grow in a smaller space before venturing to bigger opportunities.

3) Work with Referrals
It is good to make friends in the writing business if you want to see your career grow. Do you know of any other first time fiction writers who have made some progress? You need to associate with them and learn how they handle contracts with publishers and what keeps them going even when their books aren’t doing so well. Other authors can also point you to the best and reasonable publishing dealers to avoid getting duped for the first time. They say the best and prolific writers are highly introverted. but you will need some friends to survive in the writing business!

4) When That Big Deal Finally comes
By this time you already have success with your first books and probably got some big printing firms to notice you. Your mail box will definitely be spammed with dozens of publishing deals each promising a bright future. You will need to get someone who will help you deal professionally with these big firms so you get the best out of it. Get yourself a publishing agent who is experienced enough and has good reputation with the big publishing names.

You will only become a successful fiction writer if you know how to deal with publishers at the early stages of your career. The above tips will help you go in the right direction and possibly avoid some of the mistakes new writers make.