How To Become A Kindle Best Seller

How To Succeed on Kindle

In order to succeed on Kindle, you need to get sales but you will not achieve this without How To Become A Kindle Best Sellerputting in some marketing efforts. However, once you become a renowned seller and people like your books, you will be ranked in the ”kindle best seller’‘ category. The benefits of being in this category are enormous one of them is that you will make money without necessarily having to put in any additional efforts. Once you shove your book into the best seller ranks, it tends to be fairly sticky and stay there. Readers use the best seller ranks to find books and so this will work to your advantage.

However before you can take advantage of this beneficial cycle and get your book ranked in the top one hundred books, you need to give your book a shove and that is where Kindle marketing efforts come in. So how many books do you need to sell in order to get to the top? Well it depends on your category. For instance if you were trying to get a position in the top one hundred for a tough category such as ”Advice and How To”, you will have to sell a lot of books.

Consider the following tips How To Become A Kindle Best Seller:


Study the Competition
First, to get on the best seller ranks, checkout the book ranked #100 for the category you are trying to enter. Remember this is your rival and the one that you have to beat in order to get into the top one hundred for that category. Take a look at their best seller rank to determine the number of books that you need to sell in order to outdo them. If for instance they are ranked 100,000 or more, you only need to sell about 1 book each day to beat them.

Drill Down the Categories
Getting into the main category for let’s say ’Advise and How To’’ is going to be a little bit hard. Even getting into Self Help might be a hurdle. But if you drill down even further in a category to Self Esteem, you may have a category that is easier to beat.How To Become A Kindle Best Seller

Select a Non Competitive Category for Visibility
Sometimes as a beginner, you can have trouble getting your book noticed. Should this be your case, try and have your book listed in a non competitive category. This may help a great deal. Although there are going to be fewer purchasers, it will be much easier to get some visibility and make a few sales. Once you have achieved visibility, you can shift to a different and more competitive category.

In as much as these simple steps will lead you into the top ranks, prepare to encounter critics. Never lash out at your critics no matter how negative their reviews may read, remember human beings will always have divergent opinions. Apart from that, if you hit back at your haters, this will send a wrong picture to others which can make your prospects desert you as well. Whenever people try to get a rise out of you, don’t take the bait.

If you follow these tips keenly, you will instantly become a renowned kindle best seller and people will purchase your books all day and night. The level of your income will rise significantly.

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