The Hottest Writing Genres To Get Into Right Now

My Top Four Hottest Writing Genres To Get Into Right Now

Are you yearning to to write a novel? Compelled to engage your imagination, take the stories out of your head, and put them out there for the world to see? If you are ready to put to pen to paper but are at a loss for words because you aren’t sure what genres your future fiction fans might find most appealing, read on. We’re going to take a look at the four hottest writing genres burning up 70 percent of online book sales right now.

Hottest Writing GenresRomancing the Tome

We might think romance writing is the woman’s writing domain but men create heart-fluttering romance fiction even if they use gender-neutral pen names. Romance writing is always a hot (and sometimes steamy) genre because love not only makes the world go round, it fuels the publication industry as well. Publication is, after all, based on the word public and the public never tires of love. Also, romance pops up in nearly every genre in some way or another, regardless if its a crime thriller or science fiction. There’s conventional boy-meets-girl romance all the way to paranormal romance where the lovers are not always human–or even alive for that matter. Historical romance has always been a pleasure to write for those authors who are already in love with certain epochs in history.

Binding Me With Science

Science Fiction is a best selling genre of the speculative fiction variety. This genre particularly appeals to writers with a love and knowledge of science or to those who like to envision a future (or past) with some sort of fabulous technological base. You may even become a bit of a scientific prophet. After all, many of Jules Verne’s science fiction creations eventually became a reality in our present time.

Down the White Rabbit Hole

J.R.R, Tolkien lit the fantasy genre on fire with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it hasn’t stopped burning yet. Fantasy is another form of speculative fiction which is usually based in magic or some form of metaphysical principals. Here’s a genre where fairy tales come to life, and the author’s imagination is allowed to run riot over convention. If today’s modern world doesn’t content you much, shake out your world building skills and create a new one. The fantasy novelist makes the improbable seem probable. There’s lots of room for romance and suspense in the fantasy genre, too.

Mystery Loves Company

Thriller & Suspense also fall under the Mystery genre. This genre can cover all walks of life from murder mysteries to heroic acts of noble lawyers who risk their lives in the pursuit of justice. Another popular thriller theme are archeological mysteries that explore forbidden or lost histories and culture. Whatever avenue the author takes, they create a sense of urgency and tension in the reader.

Writing is a creative process. An author may feel compelled to mix their genres; a little romance set in a future, technological society makes for some hot science friction.

Now that you know what your future fans are reading today, get your pen out and feed their future fiction need. It’s as easy as picking from one (or more) of the Hottest Writing Genres