Free Marketing Methods To Promote E-Books

How to successfully promote your e-Book without spending money

Nowadays, E-books have become more popular than hard-copy books due to their versatility in the sense that they can be accessed from any device that one may be carrying including tablets, mobile phones, laptops and so on. The same doesn’t apply to paperbacks which are only available in print form. Even still, one needs to know how to market their digital publication to virtual audiences so that more people can know about it and possibly make a purchase. Below are some of the most popular ways of advertising your eBook without spending a dime.Free Marketing Methods To Promote E-Books

Start your own blog

Some blogs such as WordPress are free to sign with and also offer free unlimited bandwidth for subscribers. You can use them to tell potential fans more information about your work, and even write a brief description or synopsis of the content found therein. This way they can easily identify with the original script and possibly make a purchase if needs be, blogs usually have unlimited space and one can use the extra space to describe themselves to the reader in terms of hobbies, interests, religious beliefs and so on. The more visitors feel connected with you the more they will feel motivated to buy the publication.

Open a social media account

Facebook and Twitter accounts are also free to open but offer something unique that blogs alone don’t, that’s live unlimited interaction with fans who are logged in. Followers can also get real-time updates on promotional events such as book signing once you update your status, the information would instantly appear on their timeline and they can decide to act on it if it’s pleasing to them. The power of social media in promoting eBooks cannot be underestimated. Moreover, there’s prospectus that the content can go viral when your followers share it with their friends who may also do the same thing all over again.

Register with online writers’ workshops

This is the easiest way to network, make direct digital sales and get referrals from those who are already established in the industry. If the workshop/club has an official website, you can request the administrator to feature your work on the site for some duration of time as a small favor for being part of the group. Some of these workshops also have their own private stores that are exclusive to members’ published works, take advantage of such opportunities to promote your eBook without paying a dime.

Use free product-shortlisting sites

Some websites such as Craigslist, OLX and eBay allow subscribers to post any advertisement that they want for free and get immediate responses from interested buyers who often frequent the site. All that one needs to make use of these services is a computer and sufficient internet supply to post their content, they also offer free customer-support for buyers who may want more information about the digital books. Usually, there’s no limit to the amount of eBooks that one can post plus their items are usually subdivided into categories for easier identification by those that are specifically looking for published content and not any other item.

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