A List Of Books That Deserve To Be Movies

For a while now Hollywood has shown quite the fascination for books and the potential success of adapting them into blockbuster movies; admittedly not every one of these projects has proven successful. Yet where it has worked the results have been phenomenal, this then raising the debate among many forums about books that deserve to be movies. Far from the most crucial consideration two decades ago, movie producers and production companies cannot get enough of the written world at the present, many involved in various races to acquire the rights to the brightest gems in the literary world.Books That Deserve To Be Movies

More than Hollywood, it is the fans of these books, large and small, that have a clear vision of the potential that some of stories hold, those books that deserve to be movies most, at least as far as a select few voices taking this matter into consideration are concerned including the following:

-The Belgariad-

Those film makers desperate to hone in upon the next lord of the rings need not look further than this David Eddings series; the tale is told in five books, of a farm boy that must venture beyond his home to locate a magical orb with the aim of preventing a great evil from rising to power, along the way encountering sorcery and great battles.

The Belgariad creates the opportunity to delve into the sorts of fantastical realms that Hollywood has become quite famous for, availing action, adventure and magic in the droves.


This Lorenzo Carcaterra book is a hard boiled tale of determined cops that enter into conflict with a brutal drug lord and pimp. Apaches is violent, edgy and presents the sort of story bound to explode on screen.

-People Who Eat Darkness-Books That Deserve To Be Movies

from Richard Lloyd Parry comes this story of a twenty one year old British woman that goes missing in 2000 in Japan. When her dismembered body is discovered in a cave a bungling police investigation ensues replete with all manner of corruption. Parry’s story provides a horrifying glimpse into a law enforcement service lacking in its ability to handle crime on a large scale.

-The Oriental-

True stories resonate greatly with most audiences; and few true stories are as incredible as the oriental, the tale of a Jewish gentleman that becomes a Muslim prince even while gaining fame as an author in Nazi Germany. This cross cultural tale and its flashy central character are easy bait for several awards.

-The Master Orphan’s Son-

Adman Johnson presents an insightful look at North Korea that is just as inundated with mystery and misery as would be expected, yet surprisingly peppered with moments of black comedy. The titular character must climb up through the ranks until he comes face to face with the nation’s Dear Leader.

It would be accurate to say that the number of books that deserve to be movies is numerous, a multitude best discerned by the fans that support these stories. It is for this reason that most people are optimistic about the important role Hollywood is going to continue playing in the literary arena and vice versa, with more book adaptations hitting the screens than ever before.