Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Amazon Kindle Ranking

You’ve written your book and now you want to find out how to market it successfully. This article showcases the top 10 ways to improve your Amazon Kindle Ranking. The following tips will help you build a successful career selling your books on Amazon for Kindle.Amazon Kindle Ranking

1. Design a fantastic book cover to boost your Amazon Kindle ranking.

People do judge kindle books by their covers. If you are not comfortable behind a camera, have no fear. There are plenty of online stock photos that you can download for free or a small fee.

2. Awesome Description

The blurb describing your book is as important as the plot, details, and characters that bring your book to life. You must put thought into the description because it is the snapshot sampling of your writing style that readers will encounter. Powerpacked action words and vivid descriptions must grab your buyer’s attention within seconds. The perfect blurb for your book will capture attention

3. Create an Amazon KDP account.

The Amazon KDP account will allow you to keep track of your book’s sales and promotions. This account is a key to getting your book noticed.

4. Create your professional author page.

Add a professional photo to your page, it will be your first step to creating your identity as an author. Write down interesting details about your life to create your biography.

5. Give the book away.

A free promotion will garner attention because everyone likes a free gift. The more books that you give away will boost your Amazon kindle ranking because they count as sales. You can have a bestseller on your hands in one day. Be sure to take a screenshot for use in later advertisements.

6. Network with other authors.

Getting other authors to read your work and recommend it on their reading lists is a way to reach out to new readers. An author’s faithful fans trust their opinions on what is a good read. Once they read your work, they will be faithful to you as well.

7. Allow potential buyers to search inside the book.

Giving a free sample works at the grocery store, and it works online also. Make sure that your free sample gets the reader hooked on your work. A strong beginning that capture’s the reader’s attention is a must have feature. If they cannot wait to find out what happens, you have made another sale.

8. Listmania lists is a way to get noticed.

Readers love lists. Create lists and put your book on as many different lists as possible.

9. Rave reviews persuade readers to buy books.

If someone is considering a book, but they are not sure they will like it, other positive opinions will increase the chances of the book being purchased.

10. Use Social Media to your advantage.

Create author accounts on all social media sites. Tweet regularly on twitter. Update your status frequently on Facebook so that you stay in the newsfeed. Use instagram to update with photo opportunities. Encourage your friends and family to retweet and share your updates to broaden your base of followers. Follow others and tweet on trending topics. If they like your personality, then you will have a better chance that they will purchase your book.

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